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Every year, countless people (primarily children) are

injured when their fingers are trapped between doors

frames when doors are slammed.At the very least, such

incidents are quite painful. At worst,a door slammed

on a finger or hand can result in severe injury and

permanent damage to fingers.In fact,thousands of children

each year require surgery to repair fingers that have been

injured by slamming doors.



According to a study conducted by the US Center for Injury Research

and Policy: covering injuries that resulted in amputation between the years

1990 and 2002, the majority of traumatic injuries occur to young children,

males, and the majority involved slamming doors. The study has also shown

that the age groups most susceptible to injuries in such cases were children

between the ages 0- to 2- years old (65.8%).

Slam Jam prevents such accidents while conditioning everyone in the

house to close the door properly by using the handle

Slam Jam is a simple device that is installed on the handle of the door 

When the door is opened the Slam Jam creates a gap between the door

  and the door frame. From that moment the door can not be slammed or

  closed on fingers, pet tails and such, and no slamming noises anymore!

Slam Jam's simplicity, affectability, durability, its design, ease of use

  and application as well as numerous technical advantages over other

  finger pinch guards clearly put it in the forefront of its field.

Slam Jam 1 minute installation that any body can perform requires no

holes and no drillings.It leaves no traces on the door, frame or the wall.

Slam Jam offers a trouble-free operation. In fact, a person using the

handle is unlikely to notice it at all!

Slam Jam is installed on the door handle in a manner that when the

  door handle is held down,the Slam jam will allow the door to be closed.

Slam Jam's package includes two sets of rubber tips in different sizes

    and two bolts in different lengths, to accommodate different sizes and

   shapes of the door handles.

Slam Jam flexible base allows it to fold against the frame when the door is 

                     closed,when the door is opened the Slam Jam moves and creates a

  barrier between the door and the frame, preventing the door from slamming.

Slam Jam's soft rubber sides prevent scratches and other superficial

 damage to the door and the frame.Turning the handle as you normally would

 retracts the Slam Jam from the gap to allow for the door to be closed.





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